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and New Moon Days

2021 Calendar-New Moons-Sabbaths-Feasts

Tabernacles 2021 in Michigan Sept 21-28




"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them
and they follow Me." John 10:27 






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We meet every Sabbath and New Moon Day 

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2021 Calendar-New Moons-Sabbaths-Feasts

7th Month

Sabbaths are on gregorian tues-days



1st Sabbath

Sept 14

the 8th day
of the Creator's Calendar

2nd Sabbath

Sept 21 

the 15th day
of the Creator's Calendar

3rd Sabbath

Sept 28

the 22nd day
of the Creator's Calendar

4th Sabbath

Oct 5

the 29th day
of the Creator's Calendar



Next New Moon Day - Oct 7


Instructions for Free Conference Call and International






Lunar Sabbath Day Conference Call
We Gather each Sabbath
and New Moon day

The FOCUS of this call is Lunar Sabbath
and the Biblical Calendar

We offer a safe place to Ask Questions about the Creator's Sabbath
and His Time Keeping System.

We Provide fellowship and encouragement
for all Lunar Sabbath believers.

Phone Number:267-807-9598

Meeting ID number: 921-097-006#


Free Conference Call
View the presentation on the computer
Listen on your phone - Join the discussion

By Phone only:
Meeting ID number: 921-097-006 #


Instructions for Free Conference Call and International



(eastern time zone)

12:45 Fellowship

1:00 Shofar call to Worship

1:00-1:30 Shema and Blessings, Watchman's report, Praises/Prayers

1:30-2:00 Torah nugget


3:00 Closing Prayers        

Discussion Questions and Comments