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World’s Last Chance

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Jewish Voice

Life Hope & Truth

eLaine Vornholt and Laura Lee Vornholt-Jones – Origins of Saturn, Saturday in Scripture, Biblical Calendar Outlawed 

Elesha YisraEl – 21 Questions on Day and Night

Troy Miller – When does Scripture Say a day Begins

Troy Miller – Historical Evidence Proves the Creator’s Calendar

Feast of the – The Feast of the YHVH

The SDA Church and the Lunar Sabbath –

Michael Delaney – Is There an Uninterrupted 7 Day Cycle Since Creation?
Michael Delaney contact at:

Dan Hume – The Sabbath Boils Down to Three Simple Questions,

Dan Hume – Re-Examining the Traditional Count to Pentecost

Dan Hume – Ten Reasons to Reconsider the First Three Day’s Source of Light – Gen. 1:1-3

Dan Hume – A Tale of Two Calendars

Dan Hume Contact at:

Ahpa Porter – Staff & Conjunction 

Ahpa Porter – Building a Staff for Measurement

Ahpa Porter –  Conjunction-Meaning Behind the Numbers

Yahushua ben Moshe EliYahu – Hezekiah the Sun Dial of Ahaz and the 29/30 day Month



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